Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

So I don't have any pictures to post yet but I will. I have hand made all of my Christmas cards for at least the past 5 years. The first year I was local and the last 4 years I've lived across the country....this will be year 6 for me:) I make around 120 cards every year....and I usually start at the beginning of November so as of today I'm running behind schedule:) LOL! So keep your fingers crossed for me because I need at least 60 - 70 by the first of December so I can mail them:) I can already feel the rush coming...... I'm sooo not going to be able to sleep tonight:)

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Anita Hovey said...

120! HOLY CARP D...that's a lot! I've cut WAY back...I only do about 40 family & close friends...but I have probably another 30 cyber friends to do.