Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A modest start

Ok, ok, I'm no where near done my Christmas cards yet but I do have about 30-40 done:) One group I did, I cased from Anita over at The Hovey Hut from about a month ago. The latest set is a card workshop from my new "Wishes" book from CTMH. I'm still not quite done with them so I'll be posting them in a day or so. I'm hoping to have a card making day tomorrow, actually I'm not planning on doing anything else tomorrow except that;) Wish me luck!

sorry I haven't figured out how to link you to Anita's site:(

Monday, November 9, 2009

OK don't panic....just breathe...

OK I don't have any Christmas cards even started!!! Breathe...Ahhhh!...I went to a make and take at SP's last week but just couldn't find the time to get anything done here at home:P ...... OK, OK, I'll button down tomorrow (err today I guess...) and at least get a layout thought of:) There that's not so bad now...LOL....

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Christmas is coming!!!

So I don't have any pictures to post yet but I will. I have hand made all of my Christmas cards for at least the past 5 years. The first year I was local and the last 4 years I've lived across the country....this will be year 6 for me:) I make around 120 cards every year....and I usually start at the beginning of November so as of today I'm running behind schedule:) LOL! So keep your fingers crossed for me because I need at least 60 - 70 by the first of December so I can mail them:) I can already feel the rush coming...... I'm sooo not going to be able to sleep tonight:)

Treat Bags:)

So I'd been to an Embellished Memories technique Friday and learned how to do what I call a crayon box and I knew right then that was what I was going to use for my Halloween treats. I did a few variations (10 in total) and then I did 30 bag toppers.

So here they are. My bag topper was super simple just a 3x3 card with the Mummy stamped on white card stock and then quickly stapled to the black card.

The crayon box was an 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of paper, scored and cut in the right spots. Super simple to do and I would have done more but I ran out of Halloween colours and I'm trying to use up a lot of my paper stash because really don't we all just have too much! LOL!

And Halloween just continued for me

Well it seems like a just couldn't stop after I got my groove on with those cards for my DH. I continued on with a ton more.... There were even ones that I did and then just didn't care for and then I remembered my Stickles and boom off I went. A couple of them even got made into Birthday cards because they were so dang cute and close to Halloween.

The first one is a 41/4x3 and I made it specially for one of my friends far away because Halloween is not really her thing, so I just slipped it into a Thinking of you card.

The next two photos were before and after Stickles. (who doesn't love Stickles?!)

Don't you just love those monsters! I do:) and I thought with the EEK that it made a really funny b-day card for my girlfriend. (at least I thought it was funny ;)

The last card here is for my cousin, his birthday is the day before Halloween and I did a little burnished velvet technique here.

So once I got all the cards I needed out of the way then there was the question.... What to do for treat bags? :) hmmm

I'm not to good at this blog thing:)

So I think I'm pretty bad at this whole blog thing. I mean I love making cards and would love to share them with everyone but just never seem able to get around to putting them on my blog....hmmm.

I was on a big Halloween kick this year for making cards and such:) because my DH ordered up 5 speciality cards, he'd been on a business trip and some how got on to the topic of me scrapin' . (I believe the conversation was something along the line that he tried to get me hooked on drugs (not really) because it was cheaper! He thinks he's a funny guy... and sometimes he is.) So these cards couldn't be just regular cards they had to be SUPER special at least on my part! So I started off with my new little Mummy... when I found him at Michaels in the $1.50 bin I just had to have him:) I couldn't decide how to best use him though, I tried a couple of different things before I decided on doing some black embossing powder and white flock. I think he turned out pretty cute....even if I do say so myself:) The next one is a pretty simple card but usually gets a great WOW affect:) It's a 5x5 card that is just too simple once you know how. Then I needed a third design when my DH came home from work with my order from CTMH I'd been waiting on my new ink colours and completely forgotten that I'd ordered these little monsters! I LOVE them:) So this kicked off a Halloween spree for me and even though it's now over I thought I'd share them with you.